Things to Remember on a First Date

Things to Remember on a First Date

Although people handle stressful and anxious situations differently, planning is one of the ways to avoid having any problems. When going for your first date, you should remember the following to make your date a success:

First Date

1. Transport:

You should be knowing whether you will be picked at home or you will have your own means of transport. If you are going to drink alcohol, leaving your car at home and taking an uber is advisable. You should also remember to estimate how long it will take you to get there to plan your time well to avoid frustrating your partner.

2. Location:

You should know your date location in advance to familiarise yourself in case you don’t know the place. If you are going to drive yourself, you should know the routes to take and where to park your car. If you don’t remember researching about your location, you may end up taking longer to arrive or even fail to find where to park your car.

3. Money:

It is advisable to have enough money to pay for your expenses and still have extra money for transport among other expenses. This is important because your date may not turn as you expected and you’ve to pay for your food and drinks as well as your transport. Therefore, even if you think your date will pay for the date, remember to have enough money with you when going on a date.

4. Contact:

Remember to take your mobile phone with you because you may need to contact your date or your close friends when heading for the date. Make sure that your phone is fully charged and you’ve credit in case you need to make any calls. This is important because you may get into a jam during rush hour and you need to inform your date or loved ones that you are on your way. Remember to inform your close friends or family members where you are going, who you are going out with and the time they should expect you home to make sure you are safe.

5. Childcare:

If you’ve children, you need someone to look after your children when you’re out on your date. After making such an arrangement, remember to check their availability a day before your date to avoid the last minute rush. You should also have agreed on the time they are supposed to be in your home and when to expect you back. Remember to carry your mobile phone because you may need to call them and inform them if you will be late depending on your date is turning out to be.

6. Restaurants:

When it comes to choosing what they want from the menu, a lot of people become nervous and flustered. If you don’t want to experience the same, you should take your time to research the restaurant you are having your date. Since you will be having the location of your date, you can check on their website the type of food and drinks they are offering to make up your mind. It is a simple task because most restaurants nowadays have their menu on their website. Besides helping you make up your mind what you are going to have on your date, it helps you estimate the amount of money you need to take with you.