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Gift Your Guests With Koozie Wedding Favors! {Triad Wedding Planning}

It’s never easy finding that perfect wedding favor that also doesn’t break the bank. Consider personalized koozies as an idea for a practical, fun and budget friendly favor! There are tons of different styles and colors (as many as you could possibly imagine!) and we also can create a custom design just for you. Call us at 336.303.0486 or stop in Tu-Sat 11-5 to pick out your wedding koozies today!

2015 Bridesmaid Dress Trend – Twist Wrap Dress! {Triad Bridesmaid Dresses}

dessyconmain 2015 Bridesmaid Dress Trend   Twist Wrap Dress! {Triad Bridesmaid Dresses}

We love, love, love the Dessy Twist Wrap Dress! Why? Because it satisfies so many elements of the 2015 bridesmaid dress trends!

1. Versatility. Did you know that one  twist wrap dress can be worn literally a hundred different ways? That means that each bridesmaid can wear a style that suits her own body type (something that all of you conscientious brides are thinking alot of these days).

2. Long, Short or Hi-Lo Hemline. The varying lengths make this dress virtually unstoppable. Whether you prefer long dresses or short dresses or something in-between (the hi-lo!) there is a twist wrap dress for you.

3. Easy care fabric. Truly the most amazing feature of this dress is it’s ability to go from suitcase to the altar with no ironing! Traveling afar to a destination wedding? No problem. Your twist wrap dress comes packaged in a nice garment bag and is ready to wear when you arrive. Really!

For more information on the Dessy Twist Wrap visit www.dessy.com or come see us at The Wedding Galleria by Bella Tu-Sat 11-5. We’ll show it to you!

2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

Whether you are planning an elegant, ballroom style wedding or a more casual barn wedding, you will want to give as much thought to dressing the groom and the groomsmen as you are to dressing yourself and your bridesmaids. Current mens formal wear trends include slimmer, updated styling with luxurious fabrics and quality detailing. Wedding parties like to incorporate colors into their garments – steel, slate, sand, navy – rather than having an all-black look that has been overused in the past. Here are some trends that we are seeing for 2015 in the wedding industry:

1. Slim-Fit sizing. Most all of the guys are wanting a slimmer fitting coat with slimmer lapels and slimmer fitting flat front pants. Our most popular suit is the Allure  Men by Jean Yves Slim-Fit grey tuxedo. The grey pairs nicely with all colors and allows the groom to wear something other than black.

allure slim fit1 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

2. Steel Grey. Enough said. Check out the beauty of this steel grey tuxedo also by Allure by Jean Yves!

Tuxedos Allure Men Steel Grey 345 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

3. Heather Grey. Basically, tuxedos are being seen in colors other than black. Heather Grey continues to be very popular and we love it for all types of weddings! Michael Kors has a beautiful heather grey tuxedo that any guy would love to wear on his special day!

michael kors heather greyjpg 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

4. And finally, Midnight Blue. Dark blues and navy are definitely gaining popularity. Here we show it paired with coral, emerald and red and it’s gorgeous don’t you think?

midnight blue2jpg1 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}midnight bluejpg1 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

5. Accessorizing Trends. The wedding party can be personalized by accenting the tuxedo with mix-and-match accessories in a variety of colors and themes. Pocket squares and bow ties are in as are ascots, cummerbunds and vests. Also beautiful cuff links!

Tuxedos Classic 2 Button Peak 197 2015 Trends for Dressing the Groom: {Greensboro Tuxedo Rental}

Whatever your style, one thing remains consistent: brides and grooms are all looking for options when it comes to dressing the groom! The Wedding Galleria has a complete line of tuxedos and suits offered by Bernards Formalwear. Come visit us for personalized service tu-Sat 11-5!

Add Bling to Your Wedding: {Greensboro Wedding Venue}

bling cake1 Add Bling to Your Wedding: {Greensboro Wedding Venue}548ef763ca6f46433d8f97e461ade6b4 Add Bling to Your Wedding: {Greensboro Wedding Venue}560a62677aa9484ab2f1bf1f7f28906a Add Bling to Your Wedding: {Greensboro Wedding Venue}O diamond bling Add Bling to Your Wedding: {Greensboro Wedding Venue}

Adding bling to your wedding is one of the most elegant ways to dress it up! It doesn’t take much, but with a little effort your bling theme can quickly come to life. Shown is an example of how Amy’s Cakes ‘n Candies www.amyscakesncandies added a touch of sparkle to a tall wedding cake, and how we have dressed up simple cylinder vases with a touch of bling. You can do the same thing and make your wedding reception come alive with bling!

Chocolates and Wine for Your Valentine! {Greensboro Wedding Planner}

Pairing Chocolates and Wine For Your Special Valentine

This is the season for love and chocolates … and wine.52455ea8 0e5b 4223 9205 766c7f475589 Chocolates and Wine for Your Valentine! {Greensboro Wedding Planner}Although there’s a lot of mystery surrounding wine, pairing it with chocolate doesn’t have to be a daunting task, if you learn a few sweet tricks of the trade. Wine and chocolate are difficult to pair together because of all that sugar. In order to get a balanced flavor, pair a sweet wine with sweet chocolate and a dry wine with dark chocolate.There are four basic chocolate food groups: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and intense dark chocolate. Deciding what to start with may be the most complex decision you have to make. Follow your bliss but be sure to have water available to cleanse your palate after each tasting.

To begin your wine and chocolate pairing adventure, take a sip of the wine and see what flavors you can identify. All that matters is what you can taste and name. Now take a small piece of chocolate, place it on your tongue and let it melt.  Follow that with another sip of wine and let those flavors meld together.

Dark Chocolate & Dry Wine
Dark chocolate, sometimes called intense dark chocolate, is usually described as being bitter. No surprise since it’s made up of 70 to 100% cacao and very little sugar. Dark chocolate’s concentrated flavors can be described as roasted, woody, nutty or earthy.

Wines to pair with intense dark chocolate are equally intense like Red Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Malbec; but steer clear of wines that have a lot of oak because that heavy flavor will cover up the nuance of the chocolate.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Semi Dry/Semi-Sweet Wine
Sometimes this semi-sweet treat is labeled as dark chocolate. To find out how dark it really is, check the percentage of cacao; 50 to 70% cacao is what you’re looking for.  This is definitely not sweet but it’s not as bitter as the true darks are.
Semi-sweet chocolate pairs wonderfully with a semi dry wine like Merlot, Pinot Noir or Bordeaux. These wines are not as dry and astringent as those mentioned above, which is why you can pair them with a middle-of-the-road chocolate.

Milk Chocolate  & Sweet Wine
Ah, this is a flavor we remember from childhood – the chocolate bar with all of that cocoa, vanilla, milk, nuts, brown sugar and a creamy hint of honey.  Milk chocolate has a much higher percentage of sugar, which removes the bitterness of the true cocoa flavor – it’s the perfect balance of rich, creamy and sweet.
“Sweets for the sweet” applies here. Go with a Cream Sherry, Ruby Port or a nice Muscato.

White Chocolate & Bubbly
I’m going to burst your bubble; white chocolate is not a real chocolate. It’s more of a confection made with vanilla and cocoa butter. That’s why those rich white chocolate flavors include milk, honey, vanilla, cream and caramel.

For something this sweet, reach for the bubbles; a sparking Moscato or demi-sec Champagne will do nicely, as will a White Zinfandel or a Tawny Sherry.

The Fail-Safe Wine Pairing
If you really want to make a big impression with minimal fuss, pair a ruby Port with milk chocolates and a tawny Port with dark chocolates.  Port is such an amazingly  “safe” pairing because it imparts a nutty, caramel and/or butterscotch flavor that works well with just about all chocolate.

As Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.” So enjoy the discovery, cause that’s what it’s all about!

Article provided courtesy of Judy Jay, Signature Tours, Greensboro, North Carolina semi-sweet wine, white chocolate bubbly wine, valentines day happy valentines day